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US Capitol Chaos New Legislative Session New Strain Of Coronavirus

The images are unsettling...The opportunity.

A moment in our history, which at this moment is still hard to put into words.

The structure, and symbol of what makes America the greatest country in the world was under it’s own people..

After the events that took place yesterday on the US capitol congress reconvened to certify the election results.

On the Senate floor, while defending the Electoral College vote, U.S. Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska spoke on the need for Americans to reject hate and violence and instead protect our Constitution and love our neighbors.

At the state capital, Nebraska lawmakers kicked off a new session yesterday with newly elected Speaker of the Legislature Mike Hilgers pledging to treat all senators equally and ensure full and fair debate on all measures that come before them.

Even so, lawmakers will face some contentious debates this year, including their once-a-decade redistricting ritual, a proposal to build a new state prison and measures to address the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on Nebraska.

Speaking of the coronavirus... 

A new strain of the coronavirus that has been discovered in five states was discussed yesterday at the state capital. 

Dr. Gary Anthone says the new strain is concerning..but says there's no need to panic 

The new strain has led to a national lockdown across the pond in England, and has been detected in California, Florida, New York, Georgia, and neighboring Colorado.