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State Capitol Lincoln

Heineman Not Seeking Another Run For Governor

State Capitol Lincoln

Former Governor Dave Heineman will not be running again for the office.

In a statement this morning Heineman said he was “very close to saying yes” but still wants more time with family, but does intend to remain politically active.


*Full Statement* 

I want you to be among the first to know my decision about the governor's race. I loved being Governor of our Great State. As I listened to Nebraskans the past few months, I appreciated the strong support and encouragement they offered me to run again. I was very close to saying, “Yes,” but family is very important to me, now more than ever.

My mother is 98 years old, doing well and in assisted living here in Fremont. Sally and I are blessed that our son Sam and his wife Jessica have given us two precious grandchildren—Della, who is four, and Ben, who is one. Unlike many parents and grandparents whose kids and grandkids live hundreds of miles away or in another state, Sam, Jessica, Della and Ben live four minutes from us. We get to be part of their lives every week and we love it.

I intend to remain politically active, particularly supporting candidates who can be future leaders of Nebraska. I want to encourage the current candidates for governor to speak to the issues that Nebraskans shared with me – tax relief, education and broadband.

They want more property tax relief, but Nebraskans also know that our 1967 tax code needs to be restructured to reflect the modern economy of the 21st Century. Nebraska needs a new tax code that promotes economic growth and creates higher paying careers.

Nebraskans want their kids to receive a good education because education is the great equalizer. State officials and education leaders need to refocus their efforts on academic achievement, academic growth and academic improvement.

Nebraska needs improved broadband services, particularly in rural Nebraska. As a result of the pandemic, the digital divide is more evident than ever and must be addressed.

Finally, there is no better place to live, to work and to raise a family than right here in Nebraska. Our quality of life is to be cherished, and we should improve upon it at every opportunity.

Congratulations to the Lady Husker volleyball team in making it the Final Four, and good luck in Columbus, Ohio this week.

Again, thank you for your support.

Merry Christmas.

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