Hastings city offices moving to Landmark Center

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Administrative and finance offices for the City of Hastings are scheduled to begin moving on Tuesday, June 6 from the City Hall building at 220 N. Hastings Ave. into the Landmark Center at 2727 W. Second St.

Services for the two departments will be limited during the move, which is scheduled to occur between Tuesday and Friday. 

The City of Hastings entered into an agreement April 6 with the Hastings Building Company for 3,617 square feet, between Suite No. 422 and Suite No. 424 in the southeast corner of the Landmark Center for use as business offices for two years.

The city will pay $48,840 each year in monthly installments of $4,070. At the conclusion of the 2-year lease, the city has the option to extend the lease for one year at a rate of $51,300 payable in monthly installments. Should the city not elect to extend the lease for one year, the lease will become month-to-month at a rate of $4,275 per month.

Funds for the temporary relocation are included in the city budget.

The City is evaluating renovation and repair options for the existing City Hall at 220 N. Hastings Ave., as well as a new-build option. A survey conducted in March, showed support from the public, as well as city employees, for keeping City Hall in downtown Hastings.

The City is working with CMBA Architects of Grand Island for design work. A committee of city employees and Hastings citizens will recommend to the City Council an option to move forward with, for a decision by the council.

City Administrator Shawn Metcalf expedited the move due to environmental concerns after mold was found growing out of an unused office in the building.
The rented space at the Landmark Center will be for employees of the Administration and Finance departments, currently working on the second floor of City Hall building at 220 N. Hastings Ave. Development Services employees, currently working on the first floor of the City Hall building at 220 N. Hastings Ave., will temporarily move to the administration offices of the city-owned building at 3505 Yost Ave.

Moving Development Services employees is scheduled to occur during the week beginning June 12.

Rented space is needed because the city does not have extra temporary space for the 16 employees combined in the Administration and Finance departments.

A committee of city employees looked at multiple options for temporary office space. The Landmark Center was determined to be the best option when weighing cost as well as existing technology infrastructure. The city is also in the process of setting up temporary Hastings City Council chambers in the Hastings Municipal Airport terminal building at 3300 W. 12 th St. However, council meetings will continue to be held at 220 N. Hastings Ave., for several months while space in the terminal is upgraded for the temporary use.