GI Police Report

News media report for: 03/18/24
All crimes reported in this news media report are felonies for the past 24 hours. For more information on reports, please contact Capt. Dean Elliott.
Offense: Theft
Victim: Git N Split Incident #: L24030842
Offender: Carlos Rodriguez-Padron
Date and Time of Incident: between 3/2/24 & 3/12/24
Location of Incident: 3320 Langenheder
Brief Narrative: Git N Split reported that an unknown male driving a dark colored Chevrolet truck with a topper, has stolen diesel fuel on seven separate occasions between 2-27-24 and 3-10-24. The total amount of fuel over that period of time is $4,419.80. Cost of repair for the fuel pump was estimated at $3,500.00. On 3-15-24, Carlos Rodriguez-Padron returned and was arrested and charged with Felony Theft and Misdemeanor Criminal Mischief.

Offense: Assault
Victim: 21 year old male Incident #: L24031152
Date and Time of Incident: 3/16/24 @ 17:30
Location of Incident: 526 Beal St
Brief Narrative: On 3/16/2024 at 1747 hours Officers responded to 2620 W Faidley Ave; St Francis Medical Center reference assault. It was reported by male victim that he was assaulted with a pocket knife in the head by his younger brother during an altercation in their home of 526 Beal St. Officers would observe a stab wound above the male victim's right ear on the side of his head. The juvenile male offender has not been located at this time. Case is under investigation.

Offense: Theft
Victim: Landscaping Solutions Incident #: L24030566
Date and Time of Incident: 3/8/24 @ 11:37
Location of Incident: 2511 N Diers
Brief Narrative: Reporting Party reported tools to have been stolen from the Pump and Pantry. Case is under investigation.

Offense: Theft
Victim: 30 year old female Incident #: L24031065
Date and Time of Incident: between 2/23/24 & 3/5/24
Location of Incident: 2316 S Locust
Brief Narrative: On 03/05/24 30 year old female reported a theft of her items from her previous employer. Victim stated her employer was denying her access to belongings. Victim valued the items up to $5,000. Case is open.

Offense: Receiving Stolen Property
Victim: Sheepgate Facility Incident #: L24031225
Offender: Trew Saylor
Date and Time of Incident: 3/17/24 @ 18:41
Location of Incident: 219 Waldo Ave
Brief Narrative: On 03/17/2024 at 1841 hrs Officers were dispatched to 219 Waldo Ave in reference to a suspicious call for service. It was reported that Trew Saylor had stolen a vehicle from Iowa and drove the vehicle to the area of his residence. Trew admitted to driving the vehicle and advised where the vehicle was. Trew advised where the keys to the vehicle location was. Officers located the stolen vehicle and the keys to the vehicle. The vehicle that was stolen was a 2018 black Chrysler Pacifica with Iowa plates JGL555. The estimated value of the vehicle was $9,827 to $36,000. A records check of the vehicle was conducted through GIEC and NCIC confirmed the vehicle to be stolen. The vehicle was reported stolen by Des Moines Police Department in Iowa. Trew was arrested for Theft-Receiving Stolen Property $5,000+

Offense: Child Abuse
Victim: 2 year old male Incident #: L24031222
Offender: Stephanie Hatcher
Date and Time of Incident: 3/17/24 @ 04:00
Location of Incident: 1728 Huston Ave
Brief Narrative: On 3/17/2024 at 1713 hours officer responded to 1728 Huston Ave reference a welfare check on a 2 year old juvenile male. Officers were advised that juvenile male was supposed to be transported to University of Nebraska Medical Center from St. Francis Medical Center this morning at 0400. Officers were advised by SFMC that the juvenile has a severe infection in his blood that is potentially life threatening and needs immediate medical attention at UNMC. The mother of the juvenile male was identified as Stephanie Hatcher. Officers were advised that Stephanie refused to let SFMC transport her son to UNMC by ambulance and stated she would take him herself. Officers would be notified around 1820 hours that Stephanie had brought her son back to SFMC ER and still had not transported her son to UNMC. Officers would make contact with Stephanie at SFMC. Stephanie reports that she did not transport her son to UNMC due to having car troubles and doing laundry. Stephanie would fail to take any steps to find transport or other resources today to ensure her child was brought to UNMC for the treatment he needed. It was found that Stephanie would intentionally place her child in a situation that endangers his life due to not letting ambulance transport and not arranging other transportation to get him to UNMC for the proper care needed for his life threatening condition. Stephanie would be placed under arrest for Intentional Child Abuse. 

Offense: Sexual Assault
Victim: 26 year old female Incident #: L24031231
Date and Time of Incident: 3/17/24 @ 21:00
Location of Incident: Within City Limits
Brief Narrative: On 3/17/2024 officers responded to a sexual assault. Contact would be made with an adult female who reports being sexually assaulted by an unknown male at an apartment complex. Female reports she was physically restrained by an unknown male while he subjected her to a sexual assault without her consent. Case is under investigation.

Offense: Burglary
Victim: 41 year old female Incident #: L24031217
Date and Time of Incident: 3/17/24 @ 09:00
Location of Incident: 1416 W 3rd St; Apt 2
Brief Narrative: Female reported an unknown person entered her unlocked apartment and stole electronics and related items.