Chaperone Formed, First Candidate Named

The push by former Grand Island Mayor Jeremy Jensen for stronger representation on the Grand Island Public schools board of education is picking up steam as the group now has a name and it’s first candidate.

Jensen announced on facebook the group's name…Chaperone… which he says will be keeping a watchful eye on our community’s public schools, electing independent and free-thinking board of education members, and supporting our teachers.

The group's first candidate... Hank McFarland... who will be looking to gather enough signatures to appear on the ballot in November.

The group moved up their timeline of publicly naming candidates after Carol Schooly filed a declination of nomination in Ward B last week, and a window was opened for one of the Chaperone supported candidates to be printed on the ballot, thus eliminating the write-in strategy Ward B

Signatures must come from registered voters in GIPS’s Ward B and a total of 680 valid signatures are needed by Sept. 1 in order for McFarland to be printed on the general election ballot.

At present, Chaperone is still vetting candidates in Ward A and Ward C, Jensen says the group will endorse and publicly communicate two candidates for each Ward very soon. 


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