Cash, Firearms, and Marijuana Found in Grand Island Arrest

(Grand Island, NE) - This morning at 12:33 am Grand Island Police encountered Dairi Zuleta-Anzora after he was witnessed parking and exiting a vehicle at West 7th and North Cedar St. A state of inquiry of Anzora's driver's license found that he had a suspended license at the time he was operating the vehicle upon a public roadway. After Zuleta-Anzora was contacted, the officer noticed a strong odor of marijuana. That then led to a search of Zuleta-Anzora along with the vehicle finding $583.55 in separate bundles of cash along with 55.5 grams of marijuana packaged separately within a glass jar, wax paper, and zip lock bag. Also found were THC vape pens, drug paraphernalia, and 2 concealed firearms. Zuleta-Anzora showed impairment through a Standardized Field Sobriety Test and failed a DRE Evaluation. He also refused to provide a chemical test of his urine during the DRE Evaluation. 

Distribution of Controlled Substance; Marijuana- 28-416(1)(A)- IIA FEL
Poss. Drug Money- 28-416(17)- IV FEL
Poss. Firearm during Drug Transaction- 28-416(16)(C)- IB FEL
CCW- 28-1202- I MIS
DDS- 60-4108- III MIS
DUI; Drugs; 1st- 60-6196- W MIS
Refusal; Chemical Test- 60-6197- W MIS
Drug Paraphernalia- 28-441- INF

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